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Almarah Mediterranean Cuisine is a family owned restaurant that crafts an authentic Mediterranean dining experience right here in Austin, Texas. Sit back and relax as we offers you a taste of our selection of traditional entrees. Just one bite and your tongue will be over whelmed with the rich taste of our family’s authentic dishes that you can only find on the streets of Jerusalem. We pride ourselves on bringing you the freshest, best quality food we can at a price that is more than reasonable. Our wholesome delicious food is the product of generations of ancestral cooking. All our dishes come with a warm loaf of pita bread that we bake on your arrival to ensure it is still steaming when it hits your table.

Hookah Lounge

Layali Austin

Hookah Lounge

12129 Ranch Road 620 North - Austin, Texas

Regular Hookahs start at $12.99


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Hookah & Lunch